About Me

My name is Kassidy Estes and I can make ideas come to life with graphics, animations, videos, photographs, website designs, and illustrations. If you need something done, I will work with you to make the best possible outcome whether it is big or small.

I graduated from the Modern College of Design (formerly known as the School of Advertising Art) with the class of 2018. While studying there, I created a few lifetime friends and connections with peers and instructors while also putting in a great amount of ambition and drive into creating work that I am passionate about. During my time at college, my skill set has grown rapidly and I now know how to improve myself every day in my art and as a person.

A few things I am dedicated to is personal growth, self-care, exploration, and learning, and few things I am passionate about are fashion, music, extreme sports, and magic. Now, when I say magic a lot of people get confused and look at me like I just got hit with a brick, but they just do not understand. If you look around and take the time you will notice there is magic all around you. The way that deep breathing can calm you and make you more mindful is magic and the way someone's entire day can go from being bad to good just from a stranger giving them a compliment is magic. With magic, you can create the world you want to live in.

All of these things and more create who I am today and what I can bring to the table. On top of all that, I am ambitious, determined, and goal driven.


Connect with Me

I would love to hear your ideas and create something awesome!